Postquam Skin Care

  • Classic Facial

  • Lifting Facial

  • Anti-Wrinkle/Aging Facial

  • Normal Facial

  • Acne Facial

  • Caviar Facial

  • Whitening Facial

  • Dry Skin Facial

Our Special

Bridal Makeup

We have highly trained staff to make your bridal look beautiful & flawless. We have also introduced exclusive bridal packages.[read more]

Hair Styling

If you are looking for permanent hair styling like rebounding, relaxing & perming or normal hair cut then you come to the right place.[Read more]

Spa Therapies

We have state of the art spa center with latest equipments to provide you aroma spa and hot stone therapies.[Read more]

Shuaa's Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a healing art, which roots lying in antiquity. It traces back more than 600 years. [Read more]